Saturday, November 5, 2016

Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy Goats

Both of these breeds are similar in height and weight.

Pygmy's are stockier of the two breeds. They are often raised for meat.

Nigerians are a bit more slender in the legs and are most often raised for the milk they produce.


Nigerian Dwarf Goat Doe    17" to 23"
Nigerian Dwarf Goat Buck  19" to 24"

Pygmy Goat Doe    16 " to 22"
Pygmy Goat Buck  17" to 23"


Nigerian Dwarf Goat Doe    30 to 70 lb
Nigerian Dwarf Goat Buck  40 to 80 lb

Pygmy Goat Doe    53 to 75 lb
Pygmy Goat Buck  60 to 86 lb

Blues eyes are more common among Pygmy Goats. This is a rare trait of the Nigerian Dwarf Goats. 

Both breeds can be very loveable. They can be naughty as well. As with all goats, they can be escape artists. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


We have purchased some Beveren Rabbits to breed for meat and fur.

We currently have 2 blue bucks, 2 blue does and a white doe. I would like to secure a breeding pair of white Beverns and two pairs of Black Beverens.

Country of Origin - Belgium
Sr Does weigh - 9 to 12 lbs
Sr Bucks weigh - 8 to 11 lbs
Body - Semi Arch
Fur - Rollback
Recognized Colors - Black, White, and Blue
Livestock Breed Conservancy - Watch

We may offer a few for sale in the future, but at this time we will be breeding these for our personal use.

Monday, September 5, 2016

New Beginnings

We have relocated our family and farm to Kentucky.  We had a house fire this year that left us without a home. Searched all of Wisconsin and found there was not much that would meet our needs available. Widened our search and found a few possibilities that on further investigation would not work.

Several months after the fire we found a place in Kentucky that would work for us. We have a slightly smaller home with a bit more acreage. The place has been allowed to go wild and we are slowly bringing it back under control. From what the locals tell us this place has been vacant for the past 3 years.

The goals for this year are :

  1. Fencing
  2. Pond
  3. Livestock Housing
  4. Livestock

Next year we will be adding a few more things like a greenhouse and root cellar. For now we are moving forward and getting settled in the new location.