Sunday, February 5, 2017


We have many things we use as housing for the animals around here. The outside cats use old storage totes that we cut holes into one side and fill with straw and blankets for winter warmth. Much like this:

We use the 275 gallon totes for the goats, sheep, and dogs to seek shelter. We cut a hole in the side opposite the drain hole. Fill the interior with a bale of hay for added warmth.  These type of containers are what we use and we leave the caging intact except for the entrance hole we cut.

We also have run in type pallet buildings that we have set around at various places so that if a sudden storm appears the animals have a safe place to get our of the weather. Like this one: 

Or this 

Or this one 

Or this one 

None of the above photos are of our actual housing. The pictures were ones found online of housing and items similar to what we currently use for our animals.