Tuesday, March 13, 2018

4 Week Old Chicks

They are feather out nicely.  Some were not all that willing to have their pictures taken and some we have found are hams. I am not sure of the breeds just yet but have a few guesses as to what we have in the brooder. 

These could be Golden Laced Wyandotte or Gold Pencilled Hamburg

Dark Cornish or Gold Pencilled Hamburg or even a Golden Laced Wyandotte

I think these are Partridge Cochin

This one may be a Maran or a Campine or an Egyptian Fayoumis or a Dominique. Should be able to tell in a few more weeks. 

This one may be a Dorking

This is another that could be a Dorking. 

Could be a Maran or a Campine or an Egyptian Fayoumis or a Dominique

I am leaning towards another Partridge Cochin.

Not sure about this one just yet. 

These are either Cochins or Brahmas, Will have to wait until they feather out more.

Another one I am just not sure of and will have to wait a while longer.

This is a Bantam Cochin. 

This one appears to be a Cuckoo Maran or an Egyptian Fayoumis or a Dominique
. I purposely took two pictures of this one to make sure I got a good look at the Markings.

This one has me stumped. I do know it is a Bantam. Of the breeds I have found listed on McMurray's site I think it is most likely one of these:

Black Tail Buff Japanese Bantam
Ameraucana Bantam

I really am loving this batch or chicks. It is fun and entertaining to see them grow.

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